• User-level Linux Intro to IT (COP3353) Summer 2017
  • Lecturer, M.H.S.S. Polytechnic, Mumbai, India
    • Computer Fundamentals Fall 2012.
    • Computer Graphics Fall 2012.
    • Object Oriented Programming Spring 2013.

Teaching Assistant

  • Computer Organization (CDA3103) Summer 2020.
  • Computer Info Networks (CNT4104) Spring 2020.
  • Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering (COP4931) Spring 2020.
  • Data Visualization (CIS4930/6930) Spring 2018 & 2019.
  • Object Oriented Programming (COP2513) Spring 2019.
  • Principle of Computer Architecture (EEL6764) Fall 2017.
  • Analysis of Algorithm (COT4400) Summer 2016.

Teaching Philosophy:

There are two types of passions a person might choose to pursue. One where they know what they want to but need a realization point or an event. The second one comes through exciting activity in your daily routine and becomes your passion. Teaching was a passion to me since my teenage years when I tutor my cousins in their school work. Dr. Swoop Ghosh, who taught the class of “Principle of computer Architecture,” was a perfect teacher because he developed an interest in students for a very dry and mundane course. Data Visualization is one of the subjects I studied during my graduate school, which made me decide to pursue a Ph.D. and a teaching career. These were the opportunities where my passion made a concrete path with the help of these courses’ teaching style.

My teaching and research will bring senior undergraduate and graduate students to the room of information visualization full of new methodologies and advanced learning techniques suitable for the millennials. When it comes to visualization, there is always an interest in the course, and I want to help students explore their claims to their fullest, whether it is working on real-time projects, research paper, or collaborative group assignments. My design of peer review of the projects, in course, provides them an opportunity to critically analyze the work of their peers and also compare different results; this will surely be a fruitful technique of advanced learning. Introductions to current technologies and discussions in the classroom will keep them engaged and curious for every class. Weekly quizzes will bind the student to read a research paper every week, which will constitute a foundation for the final project idea. The course’s maximum weightage is for the eight projects with an increased level of difficulty, and the addition of newer tasks at each step helps them apply sound software engineering practices. I think students should always conclude all their work and see the progress towards the end of the semester, hence the added term paper based on all projects. This course will help them to apply programming, analytical and problem-solving skills to solve projects. I want students to be observers, reviewers, problem-solvers, team-members, and thinkers, and they will lead all these roles through various learning techniques I discussed above.

Assessment and activities are an essential part of learning. My course will have assignments, classroom presentations, and a group project to engage in various learning activities apart from class discussion, critical thought, project, and review tasks. After every new topic, I discuss examples from previous literature or any industry software to establish the relation between the concept and its application. Quizzes, based on a reading of research paper, keep them aware of the research and recent work in the field. Not giving more weightage to the final exam, I am distributing the assessment points to all other activities for equal participation.

To integrate various learning methods, I will use multiple visualization resources through videos, research papers, recording, and completed industry projects. One of the crucial traits of a good teacher that I want to practice is adapting to every class’s needs. A mid-semester and semester-end survey help me to find the lacking and improvement of my teaching.

Always evaluate your educational method, and if it is not giving results, it is the time to apply another one.